Instant Capsule Coffee Machines

"Capsule Coffee machines serve great, fresh tasting instant coffee at the touch of a button, making them perfect for self service. If you have any questions or would like any advice about what capsule coffee machine is best for your business, call us on 01305 761900. We also have a variety of refurbished instant coffee machines for sale"

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  • Bravilor Bonamat Bolero Turbo 403

    Ideal when there's a rush on! The speed of the Bolero Turbo makes this machine extremely suitable for moments when you suddenly need a lot of coffee. Because of the high capacity this machine serves in one cycle 1 or 2 full decanters of coffee. Cups are possible too. The Bolero Turbo is equipped with 2 to 4 canisters and a separate hot water tap for tea or soup.

    Price £1,993.00
  • Bravilor Bonamat Bolero XL 333 Coffee Machine

    The Bolero XL boasts an attractive and simple to use design. Beneath the sleek new finish you will find the reliable proven technology you would expect from Bravilor Bonamat. Taking full advantage of the improvements this design has to offer, the Bolero XL is easy to use, maintain and of course reliable. At the press of a button you have the drink of your choice: coffee, cappuccino, chocolate, moccachino and of course hot water. The Bolero XL variety at your fingertips.

    Price £1,360.00
  • Rheavendors Servomat Cino Pronto eC Instant

    The professional coffee shop always to hand, flexible and versatile, for high quality hot drinks to satisfy every need. Conceived for small hotels and bed & breakfasts, restaurants and offices. The instant version offers up to 5 products canisters and 3 mixing bowls. A professional machine, smart and eye-catching, with high attention to detail. The door is equipped with a backlit panel; and LED bar lights the drink dispensing cycle and enlivens the dispensing area. An external cappuccinatore enables cappuccino with fresh milk! The result is a creamy and thick foam!

    Price £1,395.00
  • Rheavendors Servomat UK Cino XX Speed Mix

    The smallest mobile speciality coffee machine in its class from the world leading cino family. Needing only 0,12m2 of space and a power supply, the cino xx oc brings the availability of speciality coffee drinks to any location with creamy Cappuccinos, satisfying Latte Macchiato and perfect Cafè Au Lait for customers, guests and staff. At the simple push of a button or drop of a coin, a fresh speciality drink is brewed and perfectly presented to the consumer.

    Can be Plumbed or Tanked

    Price £900.00

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