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Since 1931 JURA Elektroapparate AG has been supplying a range of top-quality professional bean to cup machines. They not only make a fantastic cup of premium coffee, they look good doing it, having won internationally renowned design prizes for their beautifully designed machines.

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  • Jura GIGA X9 Professional Bean to Cup Machine

    With the power of 3 thermoblocks and 3 pumps, this machine prepares the full range of specialty coffees at the touch of a button. In professional catering, speed matters and the multiple heating and fluid systems deliver up to 30 litres an hour. A large 5 litre water tank and coffee grounds container allow for flexible and mobile use of the GIGA X9 Professional.

    The new professional barista steam lance froths milk to perfection in a matter of seconds at the touch of a button. The built-in sensor continuously monitors the milk temperature and triggers an automatic switch-off when the optimum temperature is reached. The power steam system and sophisticated nozzle technology guarantee professional quality milk foam every time. A geared stepper motor electrically adjusts the air intake in the dual spout. When you make a latte macchiato, the machine automatically dispenses hot milk followed by milk foam into the glass. Two high-performance ceramic grinders, which are controlled by electronic motors, guarantee quick, precise, even and consistent grinding.

    As well as being easy to operate and program, the machine is designed to be very easy to clean and maintain. The integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling programs reduce the effort involved to a minimum and guarantee an exceptional standard of hygiene.


    Price £4,650.00
  • Jura IMPRESSA C5 Bean to Cup

    Select, press, enjoy. The IMPRESSA C5 is based on a simple one-switch philosophy. You can achieve perfect coffee results in a correspondingly short time, and to a standard that has already won over critical independent testers.

    Thanks to its compact design, it is easy to find a space for it anywhere, while its clear shapes and colours have an attractive appeal.

    Energy efficiency and enjoyment don't have to compete with one another.

    • One-switch philosophy and clearly understandable symbol display
    • Fine foam frother 
    • Eco-Intelligence thanks to Zero-Energy Switch 
    • Intelligent Pre Brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.S.©)
    • Height-adjustable coffee spout

    Domestic Warranty Included

    Technical Information

    Price £625.00
  • Jura IMPRESSA C9 One Touch Bean to Cup

    The IMPRESSA C9 is a compact JURA automatic speciality coffee machine, and treats you to a perfect cappuccino at the touch of a button and without having to move the cup.

    A simple, logical operating syntax combined with a plain text display guides you directly to your personal coffee preferences.

    Energy efficiency and enjoyment don't have to compete with one another. The patented Zero-Energy Switch disconnects the machine completely from the mains supply once coffee preparation has taken place.

    • Cappuccino at the touch of a button without having to move the cup
    • Plain text display
    • Energy Save Mode 
    • Eco-intelligence thanks to Zero-Energy Switch 
    • Integrated cappuccino cleaning and rinsing programme

    Domestic Warranty Included

    Technical Information

    Price £812.50
  • Jura IMPRESSA F7 Bean to Cup

    Fast and versatile

    JURA's most popular automatic machine, the IMPRESSA F50, now has a worthy successor: IMPRESSA F7.

    With its clean design, expressive lines and distinct structures, the IMPRESSA F7 has a personality all of its own while still remaining discreet. This design embodies the strength, sophistication and capabilities of the machine, which is a high-quality Swiss product.

    Just like the other members of the popular, tried-and-tested IMPRESSA F line, the IMPRESSA F7 is built around a self-explanatory operating concept. This means that coffee lovers can get the exact speciality they want directly, using an intuitive system. Naturally, you can ask the machine to prepare just one cup or two cups at once.

    • Aroma+ grinder for a wide range of beverages from ristretto, espresso and coffee to cappuccino
    • Simple operating concept with centrally positioned preparation buttons
    • Energy-efficient and ready for use in the blink of an eye
    • Height-adjustable coffee and milk spout (65 – 111 mm) with integrated cup illumination in amber and white

    Domestic Warranty Included

    Technical Information

    Price £770.83
  • Jura IMPRESSA S9 Classic Bean to Cup

    With the flagship of the IMPRESSA S range, cappuccino and latte macchiato are prepared at the touch of a button, without you having to move the cup.

    With its look in elegant black and upgraded design, this high-quality product is fully in keeping with contemporary trends and exudes superiority, solidity and competence. It impressively demonstrates these attributes with each coffee speciality that you enjoy. In addition, the IMPRESSA S9 Classic actively assists you in saving energy.

    - Cappuccino and latte macchiato at the touch of a button, without you having to move the cup

    - Mini graphic display (menu system with graphical cues)

    - 3 temperature settings for hot water

    - Energy Save Mode (E.S.M. ©) (Energy Save Mode)

    - Integrated cappuccino rinsing and cleaning programme

    Domestic Warranty Included 

  • Jura Impressa X9 Coffee Machine

    This coffee machine has 2 coffee grinders with high power precision grinding mechanisms. 8 coffee varieties at the push of a button. Coffee strength, water volume and temperature can be set individually. The display system gives user-supportive and user-friendly information. Also features auto-cappuccino for automatic milk froth.

    Price £3,995.00

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