Coffee Machine Maintenance & Cleaning Supplies

Your coffee machine maintenance will be easy with our range of coffee machine cleaning products, it also makes sure you always produce the best possible coffee. We stock a variety of coffee machine descalers and cleaners so you can treat your hard working machine to a little pampering session.

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  • Blue Centre Feed Roll

    Made from thick 2 ply blue paper, our centre feed rolls are suitable for a wide range of uses. Each roll is 150 metres long.

    Price £3.67
  • Brewer Cleaning Balls 25 per Tub

    These brewer cleaning balls are a new innovation and perfect for cleaning your bean to cup machine. 25 x 3.5g per tub

    Price £8.45
  • Cafelat Group Head Cleaning Brush 58mm

    Cleans machine group by locking into group like filter holder. Includes spare set of bristles.

    Price £8.10
  • Cafelat Microfibre Cleaning Cloths

    Excellent for cleaning stainless steel, chrome and other surfaces with detergents. Use dry or slightly damp. Leaves no water marks. Pack of four.

    Price £12.53
  • Chicopee Coffee Wipe Pack of 10

    The Coffee Towel is the first cleaning cloth specifically designed for coffee machines. The Coffee Towel prevents the spread of bacteria and makes coffee machine cleaning easy. Comes as a Pack of 10

    Price £2.45
  • Extra Heavy Duty Black Bin Bags x 200

    These extra strong heavy duty black bin bags are ideal for busy cafes, hotels, b&b’s & offices. 200 per roll

    Price £18.00
  • Group Head Cleaning Brush

    Group head brush to be used with Puly Caff group head powder and blanking disk.

    Price £1.46
  • Jaguar Descaling Tablets tub x 24

    These 17.5g descaling cleaning tablets are perfect for use in any commercial fully automatic espresso and coffee machines.

    Price £16.45
  • Pallo Group Head Cleaning Brush

    Brush, scoop and pin for cleaning steam tubes.

    Price £6.37
  • Premium Coffee Grounds Cleaning Brush

    250mm long with 50mm bristles. Cleans baskets out in one sweep.

    Price £3.74
  • Premium Group Head Cleaning Brush

    Specially designed fins on the handles direct hot water away from hands.

    Price £2.02
  • Pro Barista Towel

    Pro Barista Towel 40x30cm with belt clip. Very handy for cleaning your coffee tamper or portafilters.

    Price £2.15
  • Pro Liquid Descaler 1 Litre Bottle

    This pro Liquid Descaler is specifically designed to Descale handfill & bean to cup machines with a descaling programme safely & effectively. Non-toxic. No strong smells. 1 Litre Bottle

    Price £2.95
  • Puly Cafe Cleaning System Kit

    This kit introduces the user to the benefits that regular cleaning of their espresso machine can have. Kit contains: 4 x 20g sachet of Puly Caff 4 x 25ml bottle of Puly Milk 2 x 20g sachet.

    Price £13.60
  • Puly Caff Bean to Cup and Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets x 100

    Superautomatic Espresso Coffee Machine Cleaner Tablets x 100. Ideal for cleaning espresso and bean to cup coffee machines

    Price £8.50
  • Puly Caff Bean to Cup and Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets x 70

    Heavy duty, fast dissolving cleaning powder product used for back flushing the group heads on coffee machines. 70 x 0.5g

    Price £6.25
  • Puly Caff Brew Tabs - 120 Tabs

    Puly Caff Brew Tabs quickly and easily cleans filter coffee machines. Simply pop a tablet into the filter basket, brew a jug of water and rinse through thoroughly.

    Price £7.50
  • Puly Caff Cleaning Brush

    Perfectly designed to quickly remove coffee grounds from around the group head seal.

    Price £2.11
  • Puly Caff Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder 900g

    Puly Caff Espresso Machine Cleaner 900g. Cleans espresso machine group heads. Use together with group head cleaning brushes and blanking discs.

    Price £6.50
  • Puly Igienic - 1L Bottle

    An effective, foam-free, all-purpose cleaner originally formulated to remove coffee oils from grinder hoppers and dosers without leaving any unpleasant smells or tastes.

    Price £7.00
  • Puly Milk Frother Cleaner 1L

    Puly Milk Liquid Frother Cleaner for milk and coffee residues. Cleans milk deposits from auto frothers and steam tubes.

    Price £7.50
  • Puly Verde Green Grinder Cleaner Crystals

    For cleaning grinders & blades without dismantling your grinder. New Puly Verde Green range. 10 sachets per box

    Price £6.50
  • Renegite 50g Descaler Sachet

    Renegite 50g Descaler Sachet

    Price £0.80
  • Rubber Blanking Disk (49mm)

    Rubber blanking disk (49mm) to be used with Puly Caff group head powder and group head brush.

    Price £1.00
  • Standard Metal Blanking Disk (49mm)

    Standard metal blanking disk (49mm) to be used with Puly Caff group head powder and group head brush.

    Price £2.75
  • Washing Up Liquid x 5 Litre

    Washing-up liquid for manual dishwashing with a high Foaming Formula that quickly removes grease and fats, food deposits, food and drink marks & stains. 5 litres

    Price £3.75

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