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Your coffee machine maintenance will be easy with our range of coffee machine cleaning products, it also makes sure you always produce the best possible coffee. We stock a variety of coffee machine descalers and cleaners so you can treat your hard working machine to a little pampering session.

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  • Puly Cafe Cleaning System Kit

    This kit introduces the user to the benefits that regular cleaning of their espresso machine can have. Kit contains: 4 x 20g sachet of Puly Caff 4 x 25ml bottle of Puly Milk 2 x 20g sachet.

    Price £13.60
  • Puly Caff Bean to Cup and Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets x 100

    Superautomatic Espresso Coffee Machine Cleaner Tablets x 100. Ideal for cleaning espresso and bean to cup coffee machines

    Price £8.50
  • Puly Caff Bean to Cup and Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets x 70

    Heavy duty, fast dissolving cleaning powder product used for back flushing the group heads on coffee machines. 70 x 0.5g

    Price £6.25
  • Puly Caff Brew Tabs - 120 Tabs

    Puly Caff Brew Tabs quickly and easily cleans filter coffee machines. Simply pop a tablet into the filter basket, brew a jug of water and rinse through thoroughly.

    Price £7.50
  • Puly Caff Cleaning Brush

    Perfectly designed to quickly remove coffee grounds from around the group head seal.

    Price £2.11
  • Puly Caff Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder 900g

    Puly Caff Espresso Machine Cleaner 900g. Cleans espresso machine group heads. Use together with group head cleaning brushes and blanking discs.

    Price £6.50
  • Puly Igienic - 1L Bottle

    An effective, foam-free, all-purpose cleaner originally formulated to remove coffee oils from grinder hoppers and dosers without leaving any unpleasant smells or tastes.

    Price £7.00
  • Puly Milk Frother Cleaner 1L

    Puly Milk Liquid Frother Cleaner for milk and coffee residues. Cleans milk deposits from auto frothers and steam tubes.

    Price £7.50
  • Puly Verde Green Grinder Cleaner Crystals

    For cleaning grinders & blades without dismantling your grinder. New Puly Verde Green range. 10 sachets per box

    Price £6.50

Displaying 9 Item(s) |