Flavia Indulgence Hot Drinks Pack

We all deserve a treat now and again and Flavia have just the thing. Flavia Indulgence is a collection of premium drinks, including an indulgent hot chocolate that your customers can savour and enjoy. Prepared using Flavia’s unique Filter Packs, you can be sure each drink is as fresh and great tasting as the last.

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  • FLAVIA® Fabulously Frothy

    Cappuccino is now the preferred choice of people who go outside the office to buy coffee. But now you and your employees can indulge in an authentic FLAVIA® Cappuccino at work, with the FLAVIA® S350, the only office drinks system to offer coffee shop quality cappuccino the FLAVIA® way. It's created by combining our high quality Espresso Roast coffee with our own velvety smooth Creamy Topping. The coffee Filterpack and the topping are brewed separately to ensure that each cup has the same careful balance of top quality espresso, smooth milky froth and delicious flavour. The result is a carefully crafted, creamy tasting treat. No instant cappuccino can compare to Flavia creamy topping.

    Price £18.20
  • FLAVIA® Galaxy

    Galaxy hot chocolate is a new recipe that uses real chocolate to create a truly indulgent treat.

    Price £26.79
  • FLAVIA® Mars Swirl

    The Mars Swirl filterpacks are perfect to combine with coffee or hot chocolate to create your own indulgent Choccino or Mochaccino with a caramel twist. Each case has 80 filterpacks.

    Price £19.64

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