Birchall Premium Blend Tea Bags

The Imporient range of loose leaf tea and tea bags have been expertly blended to create a refreshing, bright and great tasting cup of tea. Their range includes premium, breakfast and earl grey and vending leaf teas, along with their Fairtrade tea bags.

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  • Birchall Earl Grey Tea Bags

    Earl Grey - "An all time classic". This Earl Grey consists of a rare flowery broken orange pekoe tea with well-twisted delicate tips carefully flavoured with bergamot extracts from Switzerland. These teas have been expertly blended to guarantee that each tea bag produces a refreshing, bright and great tasting cup of tea. Quality has not been compromised in the tea selection and production of this Imporient tea product. 100 Imporient Tagged Tea Bags.

    Price £4.80
  • Birchall Darjeeling 20 Prisim Tea Bags

    Darjeeling is an exquisitely delicate orthodox tea with a distinctive muscatel character.

    Price £4.95
  • Birchall Jasmine 20 Prisim Tea Bags

    Jasmine Tea Pearls combine the mild sweetness of green tea with the soft floral notes of jasmine flowers.

    Price £6.65
  • Birchall Premium Blend Leaf Tea x 1kg

    When Imporient launched it's Premium Pure Kenyan Leaf Tea it was with one objective. 'To supply the strongest ,brightest and best tasting tea on the market.' Imporient Premium produces a Strong, Bright Golden Tea Full of Flavour. It pays to buy good tea Imporient buys the best. Enjoy the jump in quality from main stream tea and taste the difference. Gas flushed for extra freshness 1kg Bag of loose tea leaves.

    Price £7.50
  • Birchall Great Rift Breakfast 80 Prisim Tea Bags

    This deliciously strong breakfast tea is bursting with flavour, recently winning the highest accolade at the 2015 Great Taste Awards. Birchall Great Rift Tea is a unique English Breakfast blend, produced through five generations of Birchall Graham’s family.

    Price £11.25
  • Birchall Pfunda Earl Grey 80 Prisim Tea Bags

    Birchalls Pfunda Tea is a single estate tea grown exclusively at Rwanda’s leading tea estate. The Pfunda Tea Estate is acknowledged as one of the most inspired and innovative tea gardens in East Africa, with a strict adherence to sustainable methods and a singular vision for producing exceptional tea without compromise. At Pfunda, the tea bushes grow slowly, at high altitude and relatively low temperatures, developing greater flavour before they are individually hand plucked.

    Price £11.25
  • Cafe Rico Classic Breakfast 1100 Tea Bags

    Cafe Rico's Classic Breakfast Tea Bags come in a bag of 1100. A great and tastey cup of tea.

    Price £16.75
  • Birchall 1100 Fairtrade tea bags

    Imporient/Birchall Fairtrade tea ensures farmers get fair prices for their products,comfortable working conditions, and local sustainability. This allows them to survive the current coffee crisis and plan for the future. Café Rico sells Fairtrade tea bags for a perfect cup of tea for breakfast, afternoon tea and daytime.

    Price £25.25

Displaying 13 to 20 (of 20 products) | View All